When water is in motion, it tends to catch our eyes and capture our hearts. Tranquil and inviting, we love to hear it, see it, and even touch it. You can experience this first-hand by adding a beautiful water feature to your inground backyard fiberglass swimming pool.

Just as with any other elements of your backyard sanctuary, you will want to select a water feature (or two or three) that work in concert with the architectural features of your home and your swimming pool. Of course, you should also keep your budget and your personal tastes in mind, as well.

Further, when contemplating adding a stunning water feature to your inground backyard fiberglass swimming pool, take into consideration not only the different types of available water features but also the size and scope of the pool. You don’t want to choose a swimming pool water feature that is too grand or too small. It should be a focal point, but it should not necessarily overtake the entire setting of your backyard pool and surrounding appointments.

Types of Water Features for fiberglass  pools

There are many available water features on the market today. Some may work with your pool. Others may not. Just be ready to incorporate your imagination into the equation. That is when the magic happens.

Swimming Pool Water Features

A Waterfall

Waterfalls are usually built with accenting rocks or boulders, either real or faux.  This creates a more natural design. Waterfalls are one of the most popular water features used to accent swimming pools.

A Fountain

From spillovers to floating, fountains bring a decided beauty to your backyard swimming pool.

A Rain Curtain

A rain curtain is just as it sounds: a wide sheet or curtain of water that flows from a wall, overhang, or pergola roof into the pool below.

A Sheer Descent

Imagine a thin sheet of glass.  Then imagine this sheet of glass shaped in an arc of water  as it flows away from the wall of the pool. A sheer descent is typically placed flush with the top surface.

A Spillover Spa

When you have a raised spa sitting above the pool, this water feature can then cascade down from the spa into the swimming pool below.


These are fun for kids and kids at heart. Bubblers are those small jets located in the shallow surface of the swimming pool. They shoot streams of water that gurgle and then bubble up. (Remember those backyard sprinklers?) With bubblers, you can usually adjust the height of the streams of water.

Deck Jets

Also referred to as laminars, deck jets are usually installed into the pool decking.  These shoot a narrow, arching stream of water directly into the swimming pool. You can further enhance these jets by adding color-changing LED lights. Then, just sit back and watch a magnificent water and light show.

Benefits of Swimming Pool Water Features

Water features are the accessories to your swimming pool  They add inviting movement, color, and texture to the overall space. The attention you want can be as much or as little as you desire. Once you add a water feature to your backyard pool, you will enjoy these benefits:

A water feature can make your swimming pool appear larger

As a water feature adds movement, it will reflect light to  your pool. A water feature will add an impressive layer of beauty to your pool, thereby making it seem a bit grander.

A water feature makes your pool area seem more like an actual oasis

The gentle and soothing sounds of water features invite you to relax and enjoy the moment. Just close your eyes and suddenly you are whisked away to a blissful vacation retreat.

A water feature will attract increased attention to your pool

Our eyes are naturally drawn to movement. As such, a water feature will add more impact to your backyard space. A well-placed and perfectly designed water feature will make your backyard swimming pool a memorable place as it creates a strong visual statement.

A water feature can make pool area more inviting and comfortable

Water is life. It draws us in and invites us to stay awhile. Water has been scientifically proven to calm and relax us. With a water feature, you can extend those special moments with family and friends as you unwind and enjoy conversation and interaction, becoming a part of the environment you have created.

Ready To add a Water Feature To Your Backyard Oasis?

With water features, you can create a visually stimulating and exciting space. The entire outdoor environment can become a symphony of visual, auditory, and other sensory delights. The right water feature(s) for your space can enhance the area, attract attention, and just make your backyard sanctuary that much more enticing.

When you are ready to take your backyard to the next level, Aviva Pools stands at the ready. Contact us today to get started on the luxurious backyard oasis of your dreams.