Boutique Color Palette

Discover Aviva Pools’ Range of Pool Colors

Inspired by the most beautiful places on Earth, our collection of breathtaking gelcoat surface pool colors sets the standard of performance with excellent UV, blister and chemical resistance while allowing you to stylize and customize your swimming pool to help create your personal slice of paradise.

Santorini Sky: one of Aviva's Swimming pool colors
Santorini Sky Swimming pool color sample
Santorini Sky Swimming pool water sample

Santorini Sky

Wrap yourself in sophistication and style as Santorini Sky, one of our most elegant pool colors, elevates your senses in timeless fashion.

Tahiti Blue: one of many Swimming pool colors from Aviva
Tahiti Blue Swimming pool color sample
Tahiti Blue Swimming pool water surface

Tahiti Blue

Paradise is in your backyard with the cool, refreshing tropical breezes that seem to envelope you within a vibrant blue pool color.

Aviva Pools range of pool colors: Maldives Blue
Maldives Blue Swimming pool color sample
Maldives Blue Swimming pool water surface

Maldives Blue

Find yourself within the arms of a more subdued and gentle blue that seemingly whispers you into another world.

Amalfi Turquoise Swimming pool color
Amalfi Turquoise Swimming pool color sample
Amalfi Turquoise Swimming pool water surface

Amalfi Turquoise

This color beckons you to the coast, filled with memories of blue-green waters below beachside villas and grottos.

Seychelles Sand Swimming pool color
Seychelles Sand Swimming pool color sample
Seychelles Sand Swimming pool water surface

Seychelles Sand

A truly natural color that allows light to pass through it during the day, but quietly captures it at night to create a dazzling display of color.

Exuma Silver: one of the pool colors from Aviva
Exuma Silver Swimming pool color sample
Exuma Silver Swimming pool water surface

Exuma Silver

Accents of blue diamonds sparkle inside a foundation of light grey allowing it to create a glorious display of energetic color.

Gibraltar Grey: one of Aviva Pool's pool colors
Gibraltar Grey Swimming pool color sample
Gibraltar Grey Swimming pool water surface

Gibraltar Grey

Feel the warmth and strength within its classic grey foundation and yet be fascinated by the blue specks that add mystery and glamour.

Bora Bora Black Swimming pool color
Bora Bora Black Swimming pool color sample
Bora Bora Black Swimming pool water surface

Bora Bora Black

A dazzling, modern and contemporary color that finds a way to shine through the integration of white and blue highlights.